These resources may be helpful to teachers working with people in K-12, higher education, and the workplace.

Apple’s Educational Apps

How could I not include a link to Apple’s Educational Apps website?  The base technology is expensive, with iPhones and iPads costing hundreds of dollars for basic units.  But the apps themselves are generally quite inexpensive – and if chosen to work with a classroom presentation and guidance from the teacher, the interactivity has real potential to engage kinesthetic and visual learners.

Best of History Web Sites

This site is designed for K-12 teachers and has resources for integrating educational technology into the history classroom.  Historical periods range from pre-history through the modern era.  It also includes a section of oral history and art history.  The site includes information about games, lesson plans, and animations.  Bring history to life by using the resources at Best of History Web Sites, created by Ed Tech Teacher.


The International Society for Technology in Education is a non-profit organization that provides information and resources to educators, PK-20, regarding digital or computer based technology used in teaching.  They run an annual conference, provide a standards framework for incorporation of technology in education, and serve as a professional network.  I highly recommend making use of this site and suggest that you consider a student membership if you are interested in using computers and electronic technology in the classroom.

Pew Research Center

The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life site provides data and analysis of the trends that feed into our understanding of how people of all ages and demographics in the United States use Internet and mobile technology.  This site is an excellent resource for analyzing just how big the digital divide is or for getting hard facts about the supposed digital natives vs. digital immigrants gap.

Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning

This MacArthur Foundation supported site definitely is a strong proponent of digital media in learning, so don’t look to them for unbiased information or assessment on effectiveness of games and new media in the classroom or informal educational settings.  That being said, they have some of the most cutting edge, new ideas out there for those teachers who are looking for new ideas and ways of reaching students using kinesthetic and visual media as well as creative or constructivist teaching methods.

Tech Soup

This organization provides non-profit organizations with technology support of various types.  It offers technology at reduced prices, thanks to donations from corporations and average people.  It also has information about how to use technology as well as a community connection where you can interact with other people to trade tips and best practices.

They have a location in Second Life where they hold conferences and host guest speakers.

Technology and Spanish 

This site has a wide variety of resources for the world language teacher who wants to integrate technology into his or her teaching – such as journals, professional associations, and resources created by other teachers.

THE Journal

One of the better online educational technology journals, THE Journal has guides for selection and incorporation of familiar and new educational and classroom technology.  Some of the resources are free, and unfortunately, some require a subscription.  It is a good place to start if looking for reliable information about best practices for K-12 technology use.  See if your school can get a subscription … or they might have one already.

U of M’s YouTube Channel

Believe it or not, we – well, the University as a whole – have a YouTube educational channel!  Check it out for updates in sports, student life, and academics.


Whyville is a virtual world designed for tween education, especially for science education.  The site includes links to in-world games and activities to use for various science and literacy lessons and concepts.