Computers in Education (EDUC 3412) is a semester-long undergraduate course designed for pre-service teachers from elementary through secondary education.  This course is required for the major and counts toward the Educational Technology Certificate offered by the University of Minnesota – Duluth.

This course has two major objectives:

  1. Expand the technical proficiency of students with computer programs and tools used in the workplace and the classroom – such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Smart Boards, etc. – and introduce them to new developments in social and digital media.
  2. Introduce students to the theory behind educational technology integration and encourage critical reflection on how technology will be best used in their own practice

Reminder – all assignments should be submitted in Moodle unless prior arrangements have been made.  To complete this course, you will need not only to use the University’s Moodle site but also a variety of Google apps, which should be part of the campus Google apps suite.

Week & Topic Tools and Resources Assignments Due
 3 – Concept/Mind Mapping  Pre-assessment paper
 4 – Digital Imaging and Drawing
  •  Photoshop/Photoshop Elements, GIMP, Picnik, Google drawing tools
 Ideal computer system concept map
 5 – Spreadsheets and Gradebooks
  •  Excel, Google spreadsheets
 Word processing assignment
 6 – Drawing
  •  Photoshop
 Spreadsheet assignment
 7 – Accessibility, assistive technology and universal design
  • iPad and iPhone apps (we will use iPads in class)
  • Voice to text, text to speech, zoom text
  • JeopardyLabs – online quiz review
 Mid term exam
 8 – What’s new in educational technology?  Digital image or drawing assignment
 9 – Website development, blogs, list-servs, RSS readers
  •  Google sites, WordPress, Weebly,
 Online discussion about new technology tools and pedagogy
 10 – Social media, participatory culture, collaboration
  • Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Wikispaces, Blogger, Posterous, Ning, Vimeo, podcasting
  • Everyone a Teacher
 Website assignment
 11 – Interactive displays
  •  SMARTBoard
 Paper – what’s new in educational technology?
 12 – Presentation software  Conduct your technology-enhanced lesson to the class
 13 – Video and video editing
  •  iMovie
 Continuing teach backs
14 – Games, simulations, and virtual worlds
  •  Second Life, Quest Atlantis, Active Worlds/Rivercity
 iMovie Assignment

Annotated List of Educational Technology Resources