Barbara Z. Johnson - photo taken by Ming Fong in Wisconsin

Barbara Z. Johnson was recently awarded her Ed.D. in Teaching and Learning at the University of Minnesota – Duluth.  She is a polymath who holds a B.A. in Philosophy (with a minor in Classical Studies) from St. Olaf College.  She also has a B.S. in Computer Science (math minor) and an M.Ed. in Educational Technology from the University of Minnesota and spent a year mucking around the Curriculum and Instruction Department at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  Her research interests lie in user-created digital media and computational artifacts associated with MMOGs and virtual worlds.  She is interested in the ways participants develop specialized literacies and identities through informal learning in complex learning ecologies and in high-interest, low-stakes environments.  She is interested in the ways virtual identities and behaviors aid in the transformation of real world identities and practices, especially in how success in virtual Pro-Am communities opens up “possibility spaces” among teens and college students as they envision their potential adult identities.  She seeks to deconstruct interest-driven informal learning occasioned by high-end computer gaming practices in order to understand and advance instructional designs for learning and assessment.

She is currently seeking a position where she can use her experience and education as a leader of educational technology innovation at a higher education institution. She can be reached at: 218.390.0962 (cell) or – or see her website at her alma mater for an overview of her experience with academic technology for the past 16 years:

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