I decided to create a few mini-tutorials for my Computers in Education course, but I might as well put them out there for other teachers and faculty members to use.

It’s hard to decide how detailed to make some of these instructions.  There are multiple versions of iMovie currently available, and – while Apple keeps their interfaces fairly consistent, they do change slightly with each new version.  I wrote mine while using iMovie ’09, but the instructions should work for multiple versions.  Also, some students already know how to perform some tasks but not others.  I hate to cover material that they already know and am willing to answer student questions while they work in the lab, even if it means repeating myself.

I’ve given some guidance in how to get clips from commercially produced and amateur videos.  Remind your students to comply with copyright law and not abuse the Fair Use exemption …. which is pretty weak when using commercially produced entertainment media.  It’s tempting to put these up on YouTube for everyone to see, but in many cases it would not be appropriate.  I decided not to post my example video outside of our closed, Moodle class site … although my husband thought it was pretty cool!

The instructions are in a Google document.  Please feel free to use for your classes and give me feedback!