I’ll admit it – I have iPad envy.  Less expensive than a computer, more mobile, longer battery life, and easier on the back as well.  If you are not yet convinced that they are the wave of the future in higher ed, take a look at my post on the pros and cons.  I think you’ll agree that they are worth a pilot project at your institution.

Unfortunately, I haven’t sprung for one yet … such is the budget of a grad student.

BUT, in the meantime, I keep looking at ways the iPad would fit into education, especially at the post-secondary level.  And while the hardware certainly is cool, it is pretty much a stylish brick unless it runs apps that you can use.  I haven’t checked if my favorite wine selection app is available yet (probably is ….), but this list from NITLE is probably more appropriate anyway.  Check it out and vote for your favorite (educationally related) apps as well!