A Twitter tweet

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While reading through literature for my dissertation, I came across this inventive use of Twitter to document where, when, and how students are using learning spaces (or places they appropriate for learning spaces):  Aspden, E., & Thorpe, L. P. (2009). “Where Do You Learn?”: Tweeting to Inform Learning Space Development. Educause Quarterly, 32(1).

Since I am thinking about doing an ethnographic study, this idea is tempting.  (Now, if I could get faculty members to tweet …)

But even if you are not doing research, think about what you could do with real-time, location based notes.  If you add some of the related features, such as taking snapshots with a smart phone, you could get rich data for a sociology class to analyze.  If students don’t have a cell phone capable of tweeting, pair students together to decide what to log and when.