Just about any TED talk is bound to be at least inspiring if not also useful.  When you get some of the country’s brightest and most passionate speakers and tell them they have 17 minutes to tell you something important, you can usually scoop up a gem or two.

What strikes me about this video is how much technology the teacher casually and fluently uses in his classroom of 4th graders.  I just want to sit this guy down for an hour and find out what possessed him to take his first steps with educational technology.  And then, when it didn’t work smoothly the first (or 10th!) time, what gave him the persistence to keep on??

But, at any rate, listen closely to the end of this video and notice how he casually talks about collaborating with a school on the other side of the world via Skype!

I do technology support at a college, and I figure if a 4th grade teacher, teaching a class of “at risk” students, can do a lesson to a classroom in (where was it, Australia??) in real time, why couldn’t we do the same?

Think about it … you could have an expert in a field “come” to the classroom to talk about his or her research without having to figure out how to make travel arrangements!  We could hold seminars with the best teachers and researchers in a specialty from down the road … or from another country.

If you could have someone, anyone, come to your classroom to give a presentation – who would it be??  Hum ….