Ok, I hate to use one software product to advertise a competitor, but as a mostly unbiased consultant, I feel obligated to bring educators the latest news on whatever services, software, and systems are out there.

The only reason I don’t do MORE of that is because ideas often strike at the least convenient moments.  Especially when I am no where near a computer.

Admittedly, there are ways around this problem.  I could type using the Notes program on my iPhone.  I could probably find a plug in or something for Word Press.

But I like easy … as in REALLY easy and leveraging a tool I already use for similar purpose.

Enter Posterous.

This service has taken away all my excuses for not blogging … other than the fact that I do have a life, like to run, drive a car, and have a dissertation to write … when an idea strikes me.  It uses my email program … ANY email application whatsoever … to send a blog to the service.  I can also include attachments like photos and audio files.

So simple that I have no excuses anymore, other than a total lack of something to say.

Which doesn’t stop too many bloggers, actually.

But if YOU have something to say and just have struggled with the complexities of getting to a computer in order to blog, check this little site out.