Ok, I just had to do that to see if people would read my blog.  Sorry about that.

Actually, it is kinda appropriate.  This is the last day of the Big Bad Blog challenge, and we are asked to consider what we got out of the experience.

In a real sense, I did come out of the closet.  I finally allowed my geeky, fun activities to bleed over into my semi-professional educational technology blog.  I already get plenty of hassle for being involved in Second Life at all. “It’s been on the brink of total failure for years,” according to those who can’t walk, build or program don’t think it has any educational value (you know who you are).

So, I’m never sure what people will think if they find out that I also run around having fun swinging a light saber … or dancing with furries … or other activities that I would consider tame but will seem exotic to the uninitiated. People may ask why I waste my time fishing in Second Life, but I don’t think they’d question this as an acceptable albeit fly-bitten activity in first life, for instance.  Any activity in a virtual world seems open to question and suspicion, but especially things that are strictly fun, social, past-times come in for odd looks.

After all, while it is marginally acceptable to study serious games, we have to be, uh, serious about it, right?  If we researchers admitted to actually participating and having fun in the culture then we …. well … then we’d be thrown out of the Serious Scholars Club.  (Truly, we have a card and a secret handshake …. just don’t ask anyone to show you … super secret stuff, ya’ know.)

So, as a newbie SL blogger, I’m glad I’ve finally broken down the barrier between the two lives my Second Life avatar leads … or would that be one Second Life and a Third Life?  I’m losing track here … sounds like time to go feed my iPad fish.