I’m jumping in on Ch’know‘s annual challenge: the big bad (SL) blog challenge a few days late.  Which means that I am …. as usual …. catching up.

This also means that I’m addressing yesterday’s topic today …. with the hope that I’ll also do today’s rather interesting topic later in the day.  Whatever it takes to avoid writing on the dissertation proposal, I guess …..

YESTERDAY’s topic was: Write about three positive things going on in your Second Life.

So here goes:

  1. One of my favorite groups is rallying.  I am a charter member of the New Order of the Jedi in Second Life and have watched it morph, nearly die, move sims, rally, return to its roots and repeat that cycle many times over the years.  It attracts a wide range of Star Wars fans who have an equally wide range of interests, skills, talents, and tolerance for playing well with others – so no surprise that it struggles at times to find and retain its identity.  But it seems to be more or less back on track.
  2. Despite the news of Linden Labs restructuring and returning to THEIR roots (being a medium for moving goods/services and hence MONEY between people while taking a cut themselves … capitalism at its best), I have new people from education asking to meet up in Second Life and be friends.  The bubble of hyped enthusiasm has burst, thank the Force!  Now, we can go back to growth on a sustainable and human scale again.
  3. Some of my old friends are also returning to Second Life.  Some got tired and disenchanted with the hype.  Many of us got really tired of running into X-rated builds (or worse … having them build NEXT to us!).  And a lot of us got tired of defending the use of SL as an educational tool.  But the burnout has faded, and I’m running into mature, hard-working educators, designers, and programmers again.  And it just makes me more likely to be in world myself.  Hopefully this will become a minor snowball.  I’m even considering going to SLEDCC again this year.

It’s not perfect, but then, any platform that allows the average user to build and change it is not likely to be perfect.  Step back a moment and feel the pure wonder again of a virtual world in which you can create anything you can imagine and make it interactive and persistent.  And open to the world!  What other programming engine do we have to take the place of Second Life?