I twitter (often re-twitter) thoughts and content … often links to the work of others …. because I no longer can remember who might be interested in a certain topic.
Once upon a time, I had a very few friends and colleagues who shared my interests in education and technology. Now, the number is probably easily in the hundreds (and no, it is not because I’m popular…. perish the thought) because I have been lucky enough to make a great many connections in the intersection. And they don’t all use the same list-servs or social media services.
Hence, Twitter becomes my default method of broadcasting something I think may be useful to anyone with similar interests. Could be my students … could be family … could be perfect strangers. That’s the joy — the burden of trying to figure out who might be interested is taken off of me and placed on the shoulders of potential consumers. They can choose to follow me (i.e. subscribe to my feed) or simply search on keywords.
Either way, it is now up to them to decide to access my tweet or not, without me trying to remember their individual interests … and feeling like my ideas may not be worth the time it takes to delete a message in their email in-box.
For me, it is a sigh of relief combined with the feeling that I am still contributing to the distribution of information.