I had wanted to teach a section of our Introduction to College Learning class, but I was assured that they already had all the well-qualified instructors they needed …. ah, well, such is life. So, I’ll have to share my bits of wisdom to a MUCH larger audience via the Internet (or the “Interweb” as it was called on an episode of “House” — seriously).
Today’s lesson is about time management and how to procrastinate while looking like you’re doing something productive. What’s better than sitting down with your syllabi, planning out when things are due, and watching your favorite TV show? Very effective multitasking, which puts you well on your way to surviving in the modern world.
Unless you already have your paper planner (I’m assured they still exist) or use Google Calendar, check out this online software: StudyRails. Seriously. Many first year students get into trouble because they haven’t had to work very hard before college and suddenly have what looks like an even lighter load than senior slide … until they get hit with mid-terms.
So, plan ahead, block out time now for studying and playing both. You’ll thank me around Halloween when you can still go out with friends, play your favorite videogame, and tell your parents that you’re getting a “B” with a straight face.