The search continues ….

… for a quality game review journal that appeals to educators, parents, and perhaps even gamers who want to go beyond the grey, black, and sex-appeal layouts of the most popular game review magazines.
There are a few candidates out there to be explored. Smart Games was mentioned in the previous entry. It has been getting some buzz among the Games+Learning+Society groupies, but that doesn’t mean it has much traction. And I haven’t been able to find anyone who relies upon it for aid in selecting games or for advice in how to fit games into the curriculum and class room.
Another entry is the Children’s Technology Review, which reviews games for kids from birth to age 15. They do review an impressive slew of games each month, so I should subscribe to them – if only to put some money into their pockets instead of into rags such as PC Gamer and Electronic Games Monthly (who seem bent on reveling in the stereotype of violence and sex as the two pillars of popular video games).
The search continues, and I welcome any suggestions for avenues to explore – especially anyone who has a broader range of reviewers than the general geek mold of young, white male. In the meantime, check out the two I’ve mentioned and let me know if they help YOU decide what titles to use at home or in the classroom!