Mini-games are small video games, usually distributed online, that are easy to play in a short amount of time. They have been used most typically in advertising (Volvo) or getting across a political message (Howard Dean’s campaign in Iowa).
Here is a cute concept used by Nintendo to organize a collection of mini-games with a similar, unifying story: Mission in Snowdrift Land.

This is cute advertising, and not terribly intrusive at that, but the real reason to share it is to point out how a semester’s collection of concepts and practice games could be grouped in a unified way.
Think about a set of games used to illustrate how to organize a kindergarten or pre-school setting should be run. Or how to cope with on the job problems such as racism, information confidentiality, or sexual harassment.
We do not need to invest hundreds of hours in programming time, although we may need to sharpen our story-telling skills, to make engaging games.
Think about how you organize a semester’s course. What is the unifying theme? Can you make it fun??