This is an encouraging article from the BBC regarding the growing interest in women and girls who play – or may want to play – video games: All women gamers, please stand up.
While it seems crass to care only about a market segment, that is the name of the game (no pun intended) when it comes to pouring money into a commercial product. Just as it took time for the sporting equipment and apparel enterprises to come around and court women with clothes and equipment that fits, the video game industry is belatedly reaching out to the female half of the species.
While I don’t appreciate pink consoles any more than I like pink boxing gloves (no lie – they exist), I hope this trend will help expand the selection of available types of games and get us off the formula treadmill.
So, read the article from the BBC, and make sure that you scroll down to read the comments posted by many, many women who are claiming the title of “gamer.”